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What Happens After Your Kia Lease Expires?

If you're currently leasing a new vehicle from Kocourek Kia, you have three options after your lease expires, including:

  1. Return the lease
  2. Resign the lease
  3. Trade-in for a new lease

The first option is to return the lease. Standard protocol requires you to return your leased Kia back to us in the same condition that it was sold to you. If you're choosing to return it, we'll finalize the deal and make sure you don't owe any outstanding fees. The second option is to resign your existing lease. If you like driving your vehicle and it handles your lifestyle in Wausau well, then you should consider resigning. Last but not least, your third option lets you trade-in your expired lease for a different model altogether. This gives you the freedom to explore a new model without agreeing to any long-term commitment.

Lease Return is Simple & Stress Free

Returning your lease is easier than you think. After your lease agreement comes to an end, it's time to consider your next move. You have various options, which all give you the chance to make the best choice for your unique lifestyle. Even during these challenging times, lease return is possible thanks to our contactless vehicle services. All you have to do is drive up, give us a call, and we'll handle the rest. For peace of mind before visiting our dealership from your home in Appleton, we recommend speaking to us prior to returning your lease.

There are several things to keep in mind when preparing your lease for return at Kocourek Kia:

  • Vehicle must be returned in the same condition that it was sold
  • Vehicle sanitation is key to prevent any overage fees
  • Vehicle must not exceed specified mileage
  • Failure to return your lease on-time violates your contract
  • Contactless services available for concerned drivers

Three Lease Return Options to Choose From

If you're preparing to return your lease in the next few months, consider these three options to help you keep your adventures going:

  1. Return & Walk - This option lets you walk away after returning your lease. If you're happy with the time that you spent with your Kia and wish to walk away after returning your leased vehicle, you're free to do so. After passing final inspection and completing all of the official return paperwork, you can be on your way.
  2. Return & Resign - Generally, this is the most common option for drivers in Merrill. If you enjoy driving your leased vehicle and want to continue your travels unimpeded, we recommend returning and then resigning your lease. This process is quick and easy because we already have your information, and contingent upon the condition of your vehicle at the time of return, we'll have no reason to deny you an extended term.
  3. Return & Trade - Your needs and wants are always changing, and leasing a new vehicle from Kocourek Kia lets you manage your habits with flexible leasing options. To upgrade your lifestyle on the roads in Stevens Point, you can choose to return your old lease and then lease a brand new vehicle. This allows you to experience the newest and most tech-savvy Kia models for less with no commitment.

Contact Us

For more information about leasing and to review your end-of-lease options, we recommend giving us a call. Ask to speak to the Kocourek Kia sales rep that helped create your lease so that we can get you paired up with your personalized team member. To learn more, please contact us online or visit us in person from your home in Wausau. We look forward to hearing from you!

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