Management Department

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  • Tim
    Sales Manager


  • DJ
    New Sales Manager

    In order to be comfortable in today's technology-laden world, one must be creative, have limitless energy, display flexibility, see beyond the present and know what it takes to 1) be successful and, 2) help others get what they're looking for.  That describes a typical day in the professional life of DJ.  At Kocourek Nissan-Kia, he serves as Manager of Internet Leads and Upgrade Specialist.  In simple terms, that means he takes people where they want to go.  Success in a high-tech world requires imagination and motivation….a good description of DJ. Machines have amazing capabilities, but they're only as good as the people who utilize them to their highest potential.  Internet searches are the front door of a different kind; the beginning of a relationship, where first impressions are as important as in any other introduction.  You'll like Kocourek's online presence and our ability to turn a search into a sensation.  It's good to know people like DJ are ready to make that happen.

  • Eric
    Service Manager

    Every day is another step toward Eric's goals: to be part of America's top service department, leading the way in Customer Satisfaction Index.  As a Service Manager, he understands the value of teamwork.  He's involved in another team, too: he's the father of six boys!  If you can help manage a team like that, you can probably do just about anything!  Eric thoroughly enjoys his daily interaction with service guests and other members of the N-K service team.  Sometimes it's fast-paced and demanding, but Kocourek professionals like Eric, who value working together, are trained to handle every challenge.  He remembers well the words of Vince Lombardi: "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing" and he's very much aware that, when guests receive a memorable service experience, everyone wins.


  • Vince
    Parts Manager

    Opportunity and training are two things that help members of the Kocourek team realize their full potential. Kocourek works with everyone to find a perfect fit between people and position.  Vince's career at Kocourek has evolved.  Realizing the opportunity and then taking advantage of the available training have made a big difference.  Today, as Parts Manager at Nissan-Kia, he's found a connection that fulfills his professional side very nicely; and the smooth operation of the Parts Department is a reflection of developed skills in organization and supervision.  So, go ahead, even if you've never visualized a career in automotive retail or service, ask Vince about how surprising things can and do happen all the time at Kocourek.

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